Every business is different. So are the people within it. This is why we believe in working with our clients to design bespoke wellbeing solutions that deliver the most impactful information to each desired audience at the most appropriate time.


It’s important that every organisation has a clear purpose, strategy and long-term vision for their wellbeing programme. We work with you to ensure all initiatives are relevant, timely and sustainable. Our expertise lies in understanding our audience. We work with organisations operating in a variety of business sectors so we don’t do one size fits all solutions. What we do is rooted in coaching individuals towards successful lifestyle choices that result in them bringing their best self to the organisation every day.


To achieve this we’ll help you design the most appropriate content for your wellbeing programme and ensure that it’s delivered in the most impactful way.


Here are some examples of some brilliant wellbeing programmes.


Without due care and attention to health and wellbeing, there’s a glass ceiling on how well any individual or organisation is able to perform.


Leadership, management and training programmes benefit from including wellbeing initiatives to support staff in developing practical and strategic solutions to their health and personal performance. Initiatives can include:


  • Presentations
  • Workshops
  • Health assessments
  • Individual and group coaching
  • Practical sessions including fitness, yoga, Pilates, mindfulness
When we say bespoke, we truly mean it.


All our wellbeing solutions are designed to suit the needs of each of the organisations we work with and the individuals within them.


Every initiative we run helps us gather information to refine and develop each wellbeing programme and keep it fresh.


The ultimate aim for organisations is to develop a portfolio of initiatives that will appeal to the widest possible audience and capture their imagination when the time is right.

When people decide to make changes with wellbeing, they generally want quick results.


This means having easy access to all the information required to make the right changes for their individual situation and resources that ensure strong motivation to get started and stay focussed while achieving their desired results.


In addition to all the great services our team can offer, we supply a full range of supporting material for your intranet, regular communications material and internal wellbeing promotions.

Why choose The Tonic?
Our promise to you
Our programmes coach people through the process of change. We help them identify what they’d like to achieve and why. This process ensures everyone takes responsibility for achieving their goals quickly and effectively.
‘The Tonic has been delivering outstanding wellness solutions for our Senior Executive Leadership Programme since 2007. They fully understand the challenges faced by top level executives and have designed some inspiring and practical solutions. The inclusion of a wellness option adds great value to the programme and ten years on we’re still achieving fantastic results with participants, in some cases life changing.’


Mike Nowlis, Programme Director


img11  Feedback from participants:


‘I enjoyed the wellbeing programme – it was well delivered and great to experience some new activities.’


‘I now know how to manage time and overcome stress.’


‘The programme has motivated me to watch my diet and will continue to have an effect in the future for me.’I lost 3kg, dropped blood pressure and I feel great!’


img22  Press coverage for London Business School wellbeing initiatives:


With a workforce spread throughout the country and operating in diverse conditions, it’s a challenge for many businesses to stay in touch with everyone and provide them with access to vital healthy living information. We help British Gas achieve this by providing a range of initiatives. As ever, our aim is to provide all staff with the information they need when they decide the time is right to make healthy living changes. Initiatives include:


  • Regular wellbeing workshops for key stakeholders
  • A company wide healthy eating plan with regular updates to cater for various working populations
  • Presentations and workshops targeted at specific populations
  • Exercise plans and advice for staff whatever their working environment
  • Quizzes, top tips and fact sheets to keep staff motivated in making healthy living choices
  • Healthy eating roadshows
  • ‘Time out for me’ life balance workshops
  • Sleep Toolkit
  • Resilience Toolkit


‘The healthy-eating plan looks fantastic and we’re delighted that it has proved so popular already.


img11  Feedback from participants:


‘Really insightful – very helpful, thank you.’


‘Relaxation part of the session was amazing. I do feel more calm and focused for the day.’


‘Brilliant. Thank you. 10/10.’


img22  Press coverage for British Gas wellbeing initiatives:

Since 2007 we’ve helped Amey with the following initiatives:


  • Wellbeing days
  • Nutrition consultations
  • Fitness assessments
  • Healthy living consultations
  • Healthy eating advice and resources
  • More energy, less stress workshops
  • The annual company 5-a-side football tournament
  • Sports massage
  • Seated massage in offices


img11  Feedback from some of the initiatives includes:


‘This afternoon’s stress workshop was very enjoyable. Apart from being well organised, the whole event seemed to put everyone in a very positive mood. The techniques used were very useful and on leaving the workshop all attendees were definitely more energetic than when the arrived.’


‘I’ve had great feedback, the event was a roaring success.’


‘Your team were as always very professional and friendly – which is exactly what we needed.’


‘One Word – BRILLIANT. I hired the team to come to our office for the day to give massages and a fitness assessment for our staff members. Everything ran smoothly, I had a lot of great feedback from the staff that participated and would like to do this again next year. Thank you again.’

Kylie Osborne, Amey


img22  Press coverage for Amey wellbeing initiatives:

We work with Tesco staff at all levels to devise individual lifestyle plans that tackle exercise, healthy eating, stress management and work-life balance. The results have been spectacular. Here’s a sample for one group:


  • 100% of participants in the programme changed the way they deal with the subjects of exercise, nutrition and stress
  • By the end of the programme 80% were exercising regularly
  • 75% achieved all their lifestyle objectives for the programme. The remaining 25% were fine-tuning their approach
  • 70% of the group reported improved energy levels within 6-weeks
  • During the course of the programme, average caffeine consumption dropped from 7 cups a day to 2 cups a day
  • Average alcohol consumption dropped from 35 units a week to 20 units a week
  • Average water consumption increased from 0.5 litres a day to 2-litres a day


‘The Tonic has worked with us both in the UK and our International businesses with equal success, delivering some great work for the business both for teams and individuals.’


Judith Nelson. UK HR Director


img11  Feedback from participants:


‘I’m much more motivated to exercise now.’


‘My diet is 100 times better than it has been for a very long time.’


‘The yoga breathing techniques I’ve learnt have helped me when I feel stressed.’


‘I feel fitter than I have done in years.’

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The annual schedule of wellbeing events at Aspect Software is wide and varied. We deliver:


  • Health assessments
  • Massage
  • Healthy eating clinics
  • Injury clinics
  • Sleep clinics
  • Workshops including ‘fitting in fitness’, ‘healthy eating made easy’, ‘how to get a great night’s sleep’, mindfulness / meditation / relaxation.
  • Taster sessions for quick fitness ideas, yoga, and Pilates
  • Individual lifestyle coaching (face to face and remote coaching)
  • Healthy eating roadshows and resources


‘Your company does great work for Aspect.’

SVP Human Capital, Aspect

Regular wellbeing workshops and consultations focusing on exercise, healthy eating, sleep, resilience, balance and mindfulness keep the staff at TM Group on track with their healthy living objectives.


img11  Feedback from participants following workshops:


‘An excellent session’

‘A really thought-provoking and interesting session’

‘Really enjoyed it’

‘Great ideas to take forward into my day-to-day routine’

‘Helped us think differently’

‘Very helpful and motivating’



img22  Feedback from participants throughout the programme:


‘Goals are going well.’

‘Sleep is much improved compared to when we first spoke.’

‘Activity and frequency have increased.’

‘I’ve done some longs walks. Have also been doing exercise at home.’

‘I’m pleased to say I’ve been doing well with my commitments and have lost 11lbs since I last saw you.’

‘I have been swimming every week.’

‘Cheers for the follow up – all going well so far. Lost weight and on target to lose 6 inches around the waist and have cycled 50k to upwards of 75k a week. Thanks!’


img22Press coverage for tmgroup wellbeing initiatives:

Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council recruited our services to deliver a series of wellbeing awareness events and workshops, and to devise a healthy eating programme that makes life easy for their 2000 staff.


The workshops tackle a range of healthy living topics, with some focusing specifically on building resilience and others on addressing MSK issues.


Wellbeing awareness events provide staff with individual consultations on topics as wide ranging as fitness assessments, seated massage, healthy eating, reflexology and an injury clinic.


img11  Feedback from participants:


‘Lots of extremely useful information given in a friendly and professional manner. Thank you.’

‘All great advice which I will take on board.’

‘Very informative – helpful, good advice.’

Sovereign Housing has a number of office locations around the UK. Staff are lucky enough to benefit from health assessments, healthy living consultations, and workshops covering healthy eating and how to improve sleep routines.


‘Thank you again for running all the sessions!’


Marie Wood, Sovereign


img11  Feedback from participants:


‘Aiming to do at least 10,000 steps a day so walking more than I did before.’

‘Have been losing weight – so all good.’

‘All going well, I’ve certainly felt the improvement in my fitness over the last few weeks!’

The Tonic and Jeff were recommended to Roffey Park as a provider of wellness solutions. Staff wellbeing and mental health is important to Roffey Park and we promote and encourage health and wellbeing through a range of activities, aligned to our purpose and values. We wanted to offer all staff the opportunity to attend a half day workshop on Health and Wellbeing covering exercise, diet, sleep and relaxation. Staff feedback was overwhelmingly positive.’


Caroline Disano. Head of HR and Programme Delivery


img11  Feedback from participants:


‘An excellent and informative session.’

‘Useful insights particularly the sleep cycle.’

‘Opportunity to reflect on small changes which I could make to improve my wellbeing.’


img22  Press coverage for Roffey Park wellbeing initiatives:


Employee Benefits 1

Employee Benefits 2

Madgex is wholly committed to helping people be as healthy & as happy as they can be. Not just their work-self but their whole-self. I asked Jeff to come in to run some workshops, educating people on healthy lifestyles and how easy it would be to fit it in to their lifestyle and the benefits around it. Jeff was really personable, very knowledgeable and gave real life workable results that everyone could relate to. We’ll definitely use The Tonic in the future to re-enforce our company values around this!’


Hanna Smith, HR Director




img22  Press coverage for Madgex  wellbeing initiatives:


Employee benefits 1

Employee benefits 2

Training and development is a key function at Sainsburys and we provide content to help staff achieve peak performance by designing and evolving their individual plan for wellbeing success.


img11  Feedback from participants:


‘Keeping up with all my resolutions and have done every day/week since our team meeting. Boom. Feeling great about achieving this too #smugface!’


‘I’m feeling quite smug as I went to a gym class before work this morning which is rare as I usually go after work because I am not a morning person! Thanks for the reminder.’


‘Getting out and about walking as I wanted to and drinking more water.’

We’ve been working with Panasonic Europe since 2008 and have delivered regular wellbeing events, consultations and workshops covering exercise and activity, healthy eating, sleep and resilience. We also provide regular massage and reflexology treatments.


‘Just a quick thank you again for yesterday’s excellent talks. These were really successful.’


‘I have filled all the appointment slots for next week already. The reflexology clinics have proven very popular!


‘Thank you for The Tonic’s support with our well being. It’s much appreciated.’


David English, Health & Safety Advisor, Panasonic Europe Ltd

Thank you again for your very informative Health, Wellness and Personal Wellbeing presentation last week for our 60+ members of staff. It’s extremely important in our high-paced, energetic working environment to maintain a healthy work/life balance and understand how the type of work we do (with the traveling, late nights and international expectations) can effect our overall wellbeing. Everyone on the team has made 3 commitments that they are working towards over the next few weeks, with the goal of integrating these new practices into their long-term routines – I hear people chatting about their commitments in the kitchen or commenting on their lunch choice for the day in relation to their goals. Clearly, the points raised in your presentation really have stuck with everyone and we look forward to your follow up in a few weeks time. We’d like to have you back to share this presentation with the other areas of the business as well.’


Huib van Bockel, Sales Director

Jeff ran a hugely uplifting session at our fundraising conference and was an instant hit. So many people said it stood out because this had simply never been on the agenda before. My aim was to help change the way the team view the relationship between wellbeing and work / performance, in that they are entirely interdependent. It’s certainly changed my view and, whilst it takes a while to embed the changes, the personal and professional rewards are clear – and long overdue!


More than anything, this sends a message to the team that they are valued as individuals as well as employees and that’s important for all those primary objectives – morale, retention, motivation. We have a huge fundraising target next year, and the single most important factor in achieving this is a healthy, driven team that stay in post – that’s the real outcome. Thank you Jeff!’


Joanne Dunsford MInstF (Dip)

As part of our corporate wellbeing programme we provide annual health days. During these days staff are able to have their blood pressure, cholesterol, liver function tested and can participate in a selection of individual healthy living consultations and treatements.


‘The results are fantastic! The Tonic not only aptly gauged our two diverse cultures in London and in York, but they also engaged staff in taking action to improve both their health and mindset. More than anything they created a fun atmosphere that staff thoroughly enjoyed. Not only is The Tonic a holistic organisation with a strong ethos, its team is personable and welcoming. I greatly look forward to working with The Tonic again in the near future.’


Caroline Cook, HR, British Library

Regular leadership training means regular wellbeing touch points for staff at Oman Oil.


This format led to many fantastic results and one particularly notable achievement. Read about how wellness changed a life here:


Tonic Blog

BT Openreach recognises that eating the right thing at the right time can be a challenge for their large team of engineers in the field so they asked us to develop a range of healthy eating resources that make the topic simple and attractive for this busy population.
Senior management at Rabobank are great fans of continuing professional education for their people and they also understand the importance of keeping everyone in great shape.  That’s why they include regular morning workout sessions as part of many of their leadership programmes.  What better way for everyone to get the best out of the day ahead?
Over recent years we’ve delivered a number of initiatives for Lebara including health assessments, resilience workshops and relaxation / mindfulness sessions.
A series of wellbeing workshops for key groups within the business led to training some of them for a team bike ride designed to boost fitness as well as enhance relationships and communications within the group.


For all those taking part in the ride we put together training plans, nutrition schedules and advice on sleep, recovery and fitting in the extra training while balancing all of life’s priorities.

Our healthy eating and healthy living workshops and consultations have helped the creative minds at DLKLowe stay in great shape.
Regular wellbeing workshops and teambuilding events based around learning to row on the river Thames have been helping staff at Lloyd’s of London inject new ideas into their approach to healthy living.


Read our related blog on Leadership lessons from the world of rowing


Tonic Blog

Jeff Archer


Jeff is Director at the Tonic and began his working life in a corporate environment so fully understands what it is to operate in a busy office with pressure, priorities and deadlines.


Using this experience he set up the Tonic with the purpose to teach as many people as possible to look after themselves, live a healthy life, eat well and experience optimum energy for getting 100% effectiveness and enjoyment out of every single day.


Jeff is a coach and presenter and has written three books, The NLP Diet, Coach Your Own Life and Teach Yourself Fitness.


He also writes features and articles on coaching, health, fitness and training for national newspapers, magazines and websites. He has consulted for TV and radio projects.

Adrian Smith

Lifestyle Coach

Adrian is a fantastic all round wellness professional, passionate about creating sustainable lifestyle behaviour change to help people look after themselves both physically and mentally.


He’s a qualified Executive Coach, Fitness Instructor, Sports Nutritionist, NLP Master Practitioner and accomplished Triathlete.


Adrian delivers our workshops and coaching programmes and has worked with Senior Managers and Directors in the UK and Asia to help them improve personal resilience and workplace performance.

Deborah Smith

Positive Psychologist and Wellbeing Consultant

Deborah is an expert at helping people to change their behaviour.  She delivers workshops for groups, schools, universities and businesses both across the UK and internationally.


She specialises in scientifically proven, evidence based subjects such as the science of happiness, resilience, mindfulness, motivation, gratitude, strengths, recognition, positivity and goal setting.


Deborah has been a practicing psychologist and mindfulness teacher for over 25 years and has an MSc in Positive Psychology.  She’s spent the last 3 years writing and developing a positive psychology programme specifically for Weight Watchers which has now been integrated into their global programme.

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Guy Longshaw

Executive Wellbeing Coach

Guy is an executive coach and workshop facilitator with a passion for enabling higher performance through proactive mental and emotional wellbeing.


Guy combines ‘Motivational Mapping’  with heart rate monitoring to generate a personal ‘energy for performance’ assessment and a holistic perspective of whole ‘work and lifestyle’ including stress, recovery, rest, exercise, sleep and other lifestyle factors.


Guy runs workshops and coaches senior executives to focus on performance and wellbeing to enable more sustainable high performance.

Clare Casson

Wellbeing Coach

Clare is a wellbeing coach with professional qualifications in nutrition, stress management and personal coaching.


In a previous life she worked in the creative and media industries including film, marketing comms, and digital media so she fully understand the challenges of living in health life within a busy professional routine.


She is now on a mission to enable organisations to get the best from their people and make work better for everyone by harnessing the link between wellbeing, engagement and performance.

Christina Macdonald

Healthy content and PR

Christina Macdonald writes our healthy living content and handles our press coverage.  She’s a health and fitness writer and editor with over 25 years of media experience including time as the Editor of Good Health, Women’s Fitness and Women’s Running magazines and the author of the book, Run Yourself Fit.
Christina is passionate about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and, as the author of the book Dementia Care: A Guide, is a strong advocate of the benefits of exercise for optimum brain health.
Philippa Hatch


Philippa is our nutrition consultant and is behind the fantastic healthy eating schedules that we design for businesses.

She has a passion for ‘real’ food that is fresh, unprocessed and natural, always conscious that these foods must fit into every day life.


Philippa’s mantra on healthy eating is informed by a scientific, evidence based approach to food that is reflected in the quick, simple but super-tasty meals and snacks that she recommends.


Philippa studied nutrition during a 10-year stint in Australia.  She completed a Diploma of Nutrition, followed by a Bachelor of Health Science degree specialising in nutrition

Dan Newton

Fitness Trainer

Dan, like all our fitness trainers, looks at training from a holistic perspective, seeing the body as a whole working system so that everyone he works with can improve their overall physical function and performance and achieve the training goals quickly.


Dan specialises in weight management, strength training, core strength and flexibility.  His depth of experience means he can work with those who have advanced fitness requirements as well as anyone now to exercise and activity.

Steve Wilson

Fitness Trainer

Steve is one of our fitness trainers who specialises in health assessments and lifestyle coaching.


Steve’s many years of experience in the fitness industry and contact with clients from a multitude of backgrounds combines brilliantly with his clear, supportive and solutions focused style of coaching to ensure fantastic results for everyone he works with.

Tracey Woodstock

Fitness Trainer

Tracey is our lead fitness trainer and ensures that the team is able to motivate the wide variety of groups that we work with, keep training sessions fresh and interesting and get results wherever they go.
Angela Graham

Lifestyle Coach

Angela is a fitness trainer, exercise and movement specialist, metabolic typing advisor and healthy living coach.


She puts her wide range of knowledge to excellent use designing healthy living programmes for everyone looking to get more active, eat better, improve their sleep and generally feel great.

Karen Stone

Yoga teacher and lifestyle coach

Karen is our lead yoga teacher as well as being an NLP practitioner and Lifestyle Coach.


She has a vast experience and understanding of what helps add balance to life for professionals at every level and works with yoga, relaxation, mindfulness and coaching techniques to ensure that everyone is equipped with a range of strategies to calm the mind and ease tension from the body.


She’s also an expert in helping people fit these techniques into their busy working day.

Jacqueline Tomlinson

Pilates teacher and lifestyle coach

Jax trained with Polestar Pilates, which fuses Pilates with physical therapy and mind-body energy techniques to create intelligent movement. She loves to help people gain greater awareness of how their bodies move and promote good movement habits for an active and healthy lifestyle for all.
Dawn Bradley

Wellbeing coach, therapist and reflexology practitioner

Dawn heads up our network of massage therapists around the country. The team provides desk based massage treatments that help staff revitalise without moving from their seat, and they provide chair-based treatments at our wellbeing events. As little as 10-minutes is all each of our massage therapists needs to make themselves popular wherever they go!


With almost 2 decades of experience, Dawn’s goal is to help as many people as possible live healthy and happy lives; showing them how to balance their lives with reflexology, massage, yoga and meditation.

Ian Souch

Massage therapist

Ian is one of our massage therapists who also does a great line in magic tricks to keep the team entertained when they’re on the road.


Always conscious that he wanted to enjoy his ‘job’ Ian chose his vocation at an early age so has enormous experience and knowledge.  He studied shiatsu or Japanese pressure point massage in Japan, Indian head massage and Tuna Chinese massage in the UK as well as studying acupuncture for 4 years at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine.


His hobby is practicing tai chi which is considered ‘meditation in motion’.

Becky Goddard

Massage therapist

Becky is one of our Holistic Massage therapists working at our wellbeing events.


Becky has over 25 years of experience working as a therapist in Health Resorts, Spas, and as an on-site therapist for major companies. She is also an experienced Clinical Therapist giving therapies to people with Cancer and other life limiting conditions. She has a true passion and understanding of her work and believes everyone should experience therapies regularly to maintain health and wellbeing.


Becky is an ITEC qualified & Registered EMBODY Therapist qualified in Massage, Aromatherapy, Reiki, and Beauty Therapy.